Winter Reads

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and toss some mini marshmallows in it, put on some sweat pants and fuzzy socks, and curl up in front of that fireplace, ITS CHRISTMASTIME!

What better way to spend your Christmas vacation then lost in a good book, so here we go, Winter 2017 reading list.

#1: A Dark Dark Wood, Ruth Ware


Self described as psychological crime thrillers, this will keep you guessing from start to finish… lets see how smart you really are!


#2: Wizards First Rule, Terry Goodkind


Would I do one of these and not include the ultimate fantasy writer Terry Goodkind? I think not. Venture deep into this storyline and fall in love with Kalahan and Richard and witness the “birth of a legend”.

#3: Gardens of the Moon, Steven Erikson


Get your fill of blood, fighting, and warfare with this fantasy novel and immerse yourself in the Malazan empire… I promise you’ll be back for more.

#4: Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman 


Can you say classic? Come see London in a different light, an evocation of dreams and nightmares for poor Richard Mayhew.

#5: The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien 


Something about this time of year makes me nostalgic and I tend to reread series that made me fall in love with reading, so come take a dive with me into Middle Earth and lets hang out with Bilbo Baggins.


Happy reading!



Featured image: Pinterest.


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