Explore Edmonton 1: Brunch, Bookstores and Bands

New series based on my home province, Alberta, because sometimes you have to get out and explore where you live.

Started off my day getting brunch at Block 1912 on Whyte Ave (make sure you bring a book so you can take one!) Get yourself a Lavander fog, a cappuccino and one of their sandwiches or sweets (or probably both, if you’re anything like me) and sit back and relax. The cozy feeling of mismatched couches and cafe tables, well worn books, warm string lights, and exposed brick are the perfect ambience for a cafe. 17022207_10211811425225972_2287409711777322416_n20170302_143347

Next take a jump across the street to the Wee Book Inn  and pick up books, movies, or music for a steal of a deal (or spend a little more and buy a book with a beautiful leather cover and gold spines), as well as catch a bit of Edmonton history, since it was started in 1971! Make sure to try and find the resident cat, whose probably curled up somewhere taking a wee cat nap.1478107202295


In case you’re not full enough from brunch, head into the Gummi Boutique for some sweet treats, laffy taffy, and vanilla coke17021384_10211811423705934_5175085464002611944_n

Next, if you haven’t had your fill of second hand bookstores, take a visit to Alhambra Books, just behind Whyte Ave, which has a diverse collection of old medicine books, philosophy, new kids on the block, encyclopaedias… the list goes on and on and I can guarantee they have whatever it is you are looking for!!

Now that it’s close to dinnertime,  take a trek to Jasper Avenue and eat at Japonais Bistro, for some crispy tempura, dynamite volcano rolls, beef tataki, or anything else your heart desires! Its reasonably priced and so delicious!!16998829_10211811419865838_3023404189233978898_n

Finally, end your night on 108st at Naked Cyber Cafe, on Thursdays they have open mike night, music starting at 9pm, otherwise they have the best chai latte I’ve ever had, free wifi, and board games! Along with a dope, underground rock cafe feel; you’re guaranteed to have a good time. 16939240_10211811419265823_8291371959683236145_n

Since I’m a broke university student, pretty much everything in this series will be budget friendly ( a lot of it being free or under $20 CA), so I hope you enjoy and I hope it makes you want to get out and explore your own hometown and find hidden gems that make you feel like you’ve been transported to another city (it’ll be the cheapest “vacation” you’ll ever take!)

Until next time,





Feature photo courtesy of Flickr.

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