Travel Story 5: Interlaken, Switzerland

The towering peaks of the snow capped alps, the cute chalet-like houses, and the bright blue lakes, are just a few of the reasons why I am obsessed with Interlaken. The idyllic town was perfect for wandering the streets, or hopping on the train for a quick ride over to the equally charming Lauterbrunnen.

Make sure you stay at Balmers Hostel in Interlaken, the absolute cutest hostel ever. I promise. Along with having a super cool, underground nightclub with pumping beats and flowing liquor, you can dance the night away before stumbling to your room. balmers-hostel_2014-50

Or if you’re in Lauterbrunnen check out Schutzenbach Backpackers, also a pretty neat spot.

When you’re here you’ve gotta decide if you are gonna go skydiving, or up to Jungfrau, or maybe both if you have the time. While I was visiting I decided to hit up Skydive Xdream and take a nice jump out of a helicopter-but to give you fair warning, this ended up being one of the most expensive things I have ever done, but in spite of that, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and well worth the hefty price tag. The feeling of pure fear before the jump, the spike of adrenaline during free fall and the amazement of seeing the world, especially the enormous Swiss Alps, thundering waterfalls, and vast green expanse, will change your life. And maybe next time, I will be ballsy enough to jump by myself… but hey, being strapped to a hot Italian isn’t the worst thing that I could imagine.img_8898

But if you’re not into extreme sports, but still want a view to remember, take a train up Jungfrau, have a little snowball fight, check out the ice sculptures and caves, and have a more relaxing day.


Overall, Switzerland was one of the more expensive countries I visited but well worth every penny I spent. And honestly, I am amazed I made it this far through a post without mentioning food, so here it is foodies, FONDUE. Holy shit, the cheese fondue was legendary and I would buy a plane ticket to go back just for a pot of cheese fondue to myself.

Well there you have it, a little sneak peek into this beautiful country.



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