Travel Story 4: Siestas and Fiestas

Be prepared for the naps, the sangria, the tapas, and the parties. Barcelona was a blast, though that was most likely because of the laid-back feel of the city during the days and the infectious energy during the night. We spent most of our time lazing around on the beach, eating about 10 meals of tapas during the day, taking afternoon siestas (when almost everything closed down so the Spanish could do the same) and drinking our way through clubs.

Of course you have to pay a visit to the Sagrada Familia to admire Gaudi’s work, and be amazed by the gothic look and feel of the temple (buy tickets to get inside here-also, each ticket purchase is a donation to help finish the church as it was left unfinished with Gaudi’s death).  img_8924_2

After the stunning architecture, make sure you make the trek to Park Guell for more sculptural masterpieces (and some epic insta pics). park-guell-in-barcelona-spain

If you want to steer clear of the major tourist areas, simply walk around the city and catch glimpses of Antoni Gaudi’s work everywhere, down La Rambla (and get in your share of people watching, and fill your belly with tapas and sangria), in the Gothic Quarter, or check out Museu Picasso if that’s more your style.

While staying in Barcelona, we stayed at Sant Jordi Alberg, which was quite a walk to the beach, but not ridiculously far, and you got to see the amazing artwork and feel the spirit of the city as you wandered the streets-as well as being really well priced.

Here are some other options for places to lay your head:

For those of you more into nightlife, you absolutely HAVE to check out Opium, it’s one of the most dope clubs I have ever been in, with 3 separate dance areas (all with different DJ’s and beats), and plush sitting areas on the terrace situated on the beach you are guaranteed to have a good time. Be forewarned that there is a strict dress code, so make sure you have something better than just a pair of cutoff denims and some sandals. r10

Also, as your night comes to a close, take a wander down to the beach and go for a little dip in the ocean (it’s warm as a bathtub, I promise)… though you should probably skip this step if you’re so drunk that you can’t find your own feet.

If you’re not heading to the beach and spending your night wandering down La Rambla instead(to feel the magnetic, and pulsing energy of the city), pop into Espit Chupitos for some shots and a cool pub feel. I also recommend checking out a traditional Flamenco show (if you don’t know what that is, google it and just trust me that you need to see this dance live), we visited the family affair at Los Tarantos, and it was an amazing and captivating performance.

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