Travel Story 3: Oui Oui Paris

I know, I know. I’m a liar. I said in my last post it would be a complete trip plan and it would be posted on Thursday, but life got hella busy. So I will get the Costa Rica trip plan up for you but today I’m just gonna give a little snapshot of Paris.

We woke up just outside of the city centre on a gloomy and cloudy day, but if you start your day off with a fresh, bistro croissant can you really complain? After an amazing breakfast, we headed to the Louvre (and here’s a little insiders tip: to avoid the long line up, go into the museum and down the escalator. The gift shop in to your right sells entrance passes, so all you’ve gotta do is buy them there and head on up to the glass pyramid to bypass the non-ticketholders line). To be honest with you, we spent less than a day inside the Louvre and barely cracked the surface, it’s enormous and amazing and overwhelming. You could probably spend a full week just being inside the Louvre and gazing at the artwork.

Make sure you snack on some escargot (honestly not as disgusting as I thought it would be), for the sheer point of being able to tell people you ate snails, and drink a boatload of French wine. img_8818

Speaking of food, make sure you check out the cafes and restaurants littered throughout the Jardin des Tuileries for some stellar sandwiches on baguettes with fresh deli meat, brioche buns, roasted potatoes, fresh salad, and again, more wine! Our personal favourite was Cafe des Marroniers.img_8841

Another must see is the Musee d’Orsay, placed alongside the banks of the Seine, this converted train station has some amazing pieces of art, from artists in the Second Republic, Impressionism, and others. This museum has shorter lineups, and a less crowded feel than the Louvre, even though it has some pieces just as beautiful as those that are inside the converted palace.

And who can visit Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower? Do yourself a favour and walk the stairs. Even if you are scared of heights. The view is totally worth the burning legs, and the wait. dsc03537

Also, make sure to stop by and see the love locks and maybe sneak your lock in there as well.  The hostels in Paris are charming and help you keep a budget so you can spend the extra money on wine, cheese, and pastries (take a look at them here). But, if you have some extra coin to throw around, even for one night, and a budget is the last thing on your mind, make sure to stay at Plaza Athenee. With direct views of the Eiffel Tower, large, flower covered balconies, and charmingly extravagant rooms, it is worth every penny (keep in mind-this option is NOT for budget travellers, but it is so beautiful I had to include it). 27528_72_z

Overall, Paris is a charming and enchanting city. I can see why it is the city of love, you will fall in love with it and spend days wishing to return, even if you’re like me and would rather be barefoot on a beach than inside a large city.

Have a lovely weekend



Feature image: taken outside the Louvre.

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